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Mission Statement

At Web Architex, our mission is to help small businesses establish a strong online presence through creative and user-friendly web design. We believe that a great website not only attracts customers but also simplifies the business processes for our clients. Our goal is to provide personalized attention to each project and deliver exceptional web solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, and do it while providing value you won’t find anywhere else.

So if you’re ready to free up your time, and make more money, let’s talk.


Team Story

At Web Architex, our journey began with a simple realization: many small businesses in our area still lacked a strong web presence. It all started when I was browsing local businesses on Yelp, looking for the best deals. To my surprise, I discovered that a significant number of businesses didn’t have a modern website. As a time-conscious shopper, I quickly passed over those businesses and focused on those that provided easy online answers.


This experience sparked a realization—I had the opportunity to help these businesses. By enabling them to establish an online presence, we could free up their resources spent on answering simple but frequent questions over the phone. Moreover, we could drive more customers to their doorsteps and increase their revenue by capturing the attention of those who were previously passing them over.


Driven by this vision, a few colleagues who have worked together to help with web development in the past formed Web Architex with a mission to empower small businesses with robust web solutions. We believe every business deserves a strong online presence to connect with its target audience efficiently, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately achieve its growth goals.


Through our comprehensive range of services, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape and seize the endless opportunities it offers.


At Web Architex, we are committed to positively impacting small businesses’ success by harnessing the internet’s power. Join us as we revolutionize how businesses connect with customers and unlock their full potential in the digital age.


-Trevor DiLucchio

What My Clients Say

Web Architex helped my small business establish a professional and user-friendly website that has greatly increased our online presence and in the door customer engagement.

This experience was amazing from start to finish! My website looks absolutely fantastic!

Amazing experience!  My website is now incredibly stunning and user friendly!  Excellent communication and finished in an ideal time!  

Highly recommend!!!!

-Sam G. Review from Yelp

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